Coffee Mocktails

Our coffee mocktail program is to highlight how versatile coffee can be as an ingredient. We appreciate classic cocktails and keep true to the same drink building techniques sans alcohol. By using coffee in various ways, we mimic a similar profile to the alcoholic component plus the drinks are just really good. Due to our limited space, only the Flip and Salty Russian is available year round. We try to have something rotating often so just check back or peek at our instagram.


We enjoy curating an experience for our guests, and flights are a great way to do it. We offer four different types:

Espresso Flight

Sparkling water, a double shot of two different rotating single origin espressos served neat and small taste pairing. The taste pairing changes every week depending on our coffee menu.

Beverage Flight

Similar to the Espresso Flight but you get one double espresso served neat and to choice of a macchiato, cappuccino or cortado.

Tanglewood Flight

Chai, Turmeric Thai Tea and Seasonal offering. Served hot during the cold months and served cold during the hot months.

Soda Flight

Coffee Soda, Ginger Orange Zest, and Seasonal offering.


4003 N Williams Ave Portland, OR

8235 SE 13th ave  Ste. 2 Portland, OR


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Espresso Flight