N Williams Bar hours: Check Back Soon!

*Saturday December 18th will
be our last bar service for 
the season
with the exception of private events and 
special events

Welcome! On this page you'll find our food and drink menu. When you're ready, come up and order at the bar. Also, for the safety of everyone around you, please wear a mask unless you are seated at a table. 


Hot Drinks


Braulio Hot Chocolate  - $10

Braulio Amaro, Vodka, Chocolate, Vegan Angostura Whip. A rich, earthy hot chocolate infused with pleasant notes of mint and bitterness.

Mulled wine - $10

Spiced red wine, Brandy, Orange.

Hot buttered Yum - $12

Housemade Hot Buttered Yam, Oat Milk, Dark Rum, Chocolate Salt Garnish

A totally unique mix of sweet and savory cradled in the richness of dark rum.



Martinez - $12

Old Tom Gin, Sweet Vermouth, Luxardo Cherry Liqueur. A variation on the classic Manhattan cocktail. Booze forward, slight sweetness, clean finish.

Winter Paloma - $12

Mezcal, Real Cranberry Juice, Fresh Orange Juice, Soda, Cinnamon.

Smokey Christmas in a glass. A delicate balance of smokey, tart, sweet, and spicy.

The Ada  - $12

Dry Local Gin, Sweet Vermouth, and a few dashes of Fernet Branca. 

This variation on the classic cocktail invented by Ada “Coley” Coleman is an exquisite balance of sweet and bitter, perfect for sipping.

Mocktails $6

Ginger Lime Rickey

Grapefruit Honey

Orgeat Cream Fizz

Watermelon Shrub



Draft $6.5

Chrysknife Hazy IPA, Fort George

Guava Sour, Ten Barrel

Outfielder's Dream Drop Hop Italian Pilsner, Exnovo

Vienna Lager, Breakside Brewery


Tecate $3

Rainer $3

Ground Breaker Inclusion Pale Ale (GF) $6.5

Baumen's Cider $7



Torre Oria Cava Brut N.V. (Spain) 9

Tropical fruit, wildflowers, berries


Landmass, All Eyes (Oregon) 19

waxy strawberry, floral orchard blossoms, nectarine

(200 ml/ pours 2-3 servings)

*Queer + Woman wine makers from PDX


Christina, Carnuntum (Austria)  12

strawberries, cherries, refreshing

Forlorn Hope  14

Queen of the Sierras (Napa)

spicy, soft tannins, acidity to tie up loose ends


Slavcek  (Slovenia) 12

Pinot Gris

est. winery since 1769!!

peachy, orange spice, honeyed notes

Bisamrattan (Napa) 15


Orange wine lovers dream!

honeydew, cucumber, lychee, Grand Marnier

Apini (Colombia Gorge) 15

Vinous Obscura

extended skin contact, honey, beeswax, chamomile tea, medium bodied


Weisser Mulatschak (Austria) 11


biodynamic, apricots, goldenberries, melon slice

For Heaven's Sake (Oregon) 12

raspberries, sea salt, dried lavender


Ensedune (Coteaux-d'Ensérune) 7/25


full-bodied, great with burgers

Jean Marc Barthez (Bordeaux)  9

Another Mary Taylor winner!

dark fruits, earthy, smooth

Burgunland Red (Austria) 12/46

Producer: Meinklang

Zweigelt and Blaufrankisch

red fruits, marionberry, juicy


Lost White (Greece)   8


lush, med dry, balanced acidity, tropical

Am Berg (Mittelberg, Austria) 10

Gruner Veltliner

polycultural farming

nectarine, white pepper, iris

Agnès Pegaz (Beaujolais) 8

Chardonnay on neutral oak

peaches, citrus, creaminess, mineral

Choose any Bodega Wine and enjoy here for $15 corkage.


Cheeseburger $14

Local pastured raised ground beef, burger sauce, cheese, lettuce, onions, pickles on a sesame bun. Comes with fries. GF bun $2

Veggie Burger $14

Same as the cheeseburger but with a veggie patty. Can be made vegan. Comes with fries. 

Fried Chicken Sandwich (V) $14

Chicken patty (V,GF), coleslaw, pickles, pickled jalapeño and arbol ranch dressing (we have a non spicy dressing as well). Comes with fries. GF bun $2 

Dinner Salad (Vegetarian, GF) $12

Romaine, onions, furikake egg, tomatoes, spiced peanuts. Your choice of Szechuan Ranch (V) or Sesame Vinaigrette (V).

    Add:  vegan fried chicken patty $3

             bacon $2

Fried Rice 

Vegetarian w/Kimchi $10

Chinese Sausage $12

Loaded Fries (V GF) $9

Fries, vegan arbol ranch, avocado, onions, cilantro, pickled jalapeños

Side of Fries (V GF) $5

Szechuan Peanuts (V GF) $5

Spicy peanuts. Goes well with drinking. 

Corn Dogs!

1 for $3

2 for $5

2 corn dogs and fries for $8

Late night Menu 10-CL

Eggs Ray Spex $9

House-made pork sausage patty, egg, cheddar, sriracha aioli on a bolo

Eggs and Witch $6

English Muffin, Butter, Fried Egg and Cheddar. Add Veggie Sausage, House Sausage or Bacon $2

Vegan Breakfast Sandwich $7

Cream Cheese, Pickled Jalapeños, Grilled Pineapple and Veggie Sausage.​

Loaded Fries (V GF) $9

Fries, vegan arbol ranch, avocado, onions, cilantro, pickled jalapeños

Side of Fries (V GF) $5

Szechuan Peanuts (V GF) $5

Spicy peanuts. Goes well with drinking. 

Corn Dogs!

1 for $3

2 for $5

2 corn dogs and fries for $8